Video 4: Detroit

Next stop: Detroit, Michigan! Unbelievable how many empty abandoned buildings there are. Apartment houses, shops, factories, even churches are becoming decomposed. However or therefore, Detroit has its own vibe.

Video 9: Viva Las Vegas

The last part of our trip runs from Las Vegas, via Death Valley to our final destination Los Angeles. On our way, we found an abandoned junk yard. This construction equipment graveyard was an eldorado for backround elements and all in all really creepy.

Heavy Equipment Calendar 2011 - Official Trailer

75 000 traveled kilometers on three continents and over 300 hours post-production. A 800-ton excavator, a load haul dumper in 1,000 meters depth and a pontoon excavator digging under the sea. The Heavy Equipment Calendar 2011 is available now!

Video 8: Leaving the Rocky Mountains into the Wild West

Welcome to the Wild West stranger! We are leaving the Rockies on our way to Monument Valley.

Video 7: Mount Rushmore

After driving about 1.000 Miles straight from Chicago, we finally reached a well known National Memorial: Mount Rushmore.

Video 6: Bucyrus Factory Tour

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin we visited Bucyrus. After the peaceful quiteness of the museum things changed: Noisy motors, screeching metallsaws and strident sirens wellcomes us in the factory.

Video 5: Caterpillar Demonstration and Learning Center

In Peoria, Illinois we visited the Caterpillar Doozer factory. Unfortunately, filming was strictly prohibited. At the Edwards Demonstration and Learning Center we were allowed to film again.

Video 3: Dayton Airforce Museum

We visited the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Dayton, Ohio. In the backyard of the Wright brothers we found not only interesting themes for calendar backgrounds, but we also admired a lot of unusual flying objects, like stealth bomber or moon capsule.

Video 2: Pittsburgh Carrie Furnace Steelplant

Our second video shows a former steel mill, which should represent the background of one calendar motif.

Video 1: New York City

Our first USA Video is online. In New York City our roadtrip starts cross country the USA




Trailer: Heavy Equipment Calendar 2016



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